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Pizza Royal Rumble Contestants Talk Smack

Photo: Parlor Sports/Thrillist

Tomorrow night, Parlor Sports hosts the Pizza Royal Rumble as part of their Tuesday Night Fight series, pitting four area favorites against one another. Fight goers will taste entries from All Star Pizza Bar, Emma's Pizza, Eat at Jumbo's, and Easy Pie and vote by ballot for their favorites. And it's not a true sporting event without some friendly competition. Kosta Diamantopolous of All Star Pizza Bar let Eater know that "the pizza we will roll out is bucket list-worthy." Grover Taylor over at Eat at Jumbo's reports that Kosta has also been talking smack about their mascot, Andre the Giant, and he has them fired up. Says Grover, "This event is going to be more dangerous than double dating with Danny Bonaduce on the Kennedy compound." He went on to add "We fear NOTHING! We will be coming in high flying, pizza spinning, and laying the smack down to any pizza maker that talks smack."

Emma's took a more diplomatic stance and showed some respect for their fellow competitors, saying "people can expect that Emma's will dress to impress. The competition is as fierce as ever and we just hope to keep pace with the fine establishments being represented. It's going to take something special to win: we know that and are prepared to do what it takes." Spiros Stogiannis of Easy Pie down in Braintree is confident in what they're bringing. "At the end of the night, Easy Pie will look back to see what second place looks like. In all seriousness, they're all very good and I respect what everyone else is doing." The fight starts at 7pm tomorrow night at Parlor Sports, admission is $15.

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All Star Pizza Bar (Cambridge)

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