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Update on Chef Jason Doo's Rumored Chinese Venture

Quick recap: Tiny Urban Kitchen goes to a private dinner featuring the Chinese food spread of your wildest dreams - hens baked in clay, 65° C milk bread, crispy coconut pork skins - and then suggests that chef Jason Doo might be planning something similar for Boston restaurant goers. Meanwhile, the Facebook page for Harvard's Science & Cooking series describes the same meal as a tasting for a restaurant concept named Kin-Sai; the TUK post is titled "A Taste of Kinsay." So Jason Doo is opening a mind-blowing Chinese restaurant called Kin-Sai or Kinsay, right?

Maybe. Eater spoke with an affiliate of chef Doo's who had this to say: "Up to this point we have been testing a service and food concept with those familiar with refined Chinese cuisine. We are currently planning the next steps towards serving a broader audience. In the meantime, Chef Jason will also be collaborating with Harvard's Science & Cooking program this fall and cooking for private event projects in New York City."

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[Photo: Jason Doo/Tiny Urban Kitchen]