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Super Fusion Express is a Wrap; Chris Cosentino in Town

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WATERFRONT - The drink list at the Boston Harbor Hotel's brand, spankin' new The Alley Bar at Rowes Wharf seems to be having some fun with the fact that the venue is in an alley. Some names of drinks: Scary Thoughts, The Shortcut, Alley Ghost, Chills, Heard in the Alley. What, no Guy Behind You, Rabid Rat, or Improvised Urinal? [UD]

JP - What was Super Fusion Express will now become a wrap dispensary, says a post on Chowhound and another on Yelp: "Another sign went up a few weeks ago that says something like 'wrap mi.'" Could that mean Vietnamese wraps? Wouldn't be unheard of as a follow-up act to something with "fusion" in its name. [CH, Yelp via BRT]

BACK BAY - Offal guru and upcoming Top Chef Masters contestant Chris Cosentino of California's Incanto, Boccalone and PIGG is coming to town to promote his new book Beginnings: My Way To Start A Meal. He'll be demonstrating dishes like clams with prosecco and lemon verbena at Williams Sonoma Copley Place this Wednesday, June 27, at 5:00pm. [Official Site]

[Photo: Melissa Ostrow/UD]

The Alley Bar

70 Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA