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The Alley Bar Opens; Ramen Update; Meat Turtles

WATERFRONT - The Alley Bar at Rowes Wharf is now open at the Boston Harbor Hotel, says Boston Restaurant Talk. The 60-seat bar really is in an alley and also serves food. [BRT]

CAMBRIDGE - Porter Square is rumored to be getting a new ramen shop, and one of those rumors sites NYC's Minca as a likely contender. Minca tells Eater that it is indeed interested in coming to Boston, but doesn't have any concrete plans of yet. [Official Site]

BEACON HILL - Savenor's Market is apparently selling something called a meat turtle, a somewhat star-like creation which appears to be made of hamburger meat wrapped in bacon and stuck through with hot dogs. "Come on by and get yours to grill up!" says the market. More importantly, here's a photo. [Facebook via Boston Foodie Tours]

[Photo: Flickr/Dan Bock]

The Alley Bar

70 Rowes Wharf, Boston, MA