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Forever Yogurt Poised to Dominate Boston Froyo Scene

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Photo: A Forever Yogurt/Official Site

"We are definitely coming," says a rep from the Chicago-based Forever Yogurt self-serve froyo chain, which has big plans for its expansion to Boston. The company says it has already signed three leases for local stores and plans for a total of six, plus additional franchises nearby. Eater Chicago reports that the Boston stores are part of larger expansion which may also include New York, Miami, Austin and LA. Forever Yogurt is in negotiations for locations at the Pru and in the North End and is also looking at spaces on Newbury St, in Coolidge Corner, Harvard Square, and on Tremont in the South End. But they won't be the only new froyo in town.

In other froyo news, Dante's Frozen Yogurt Bar is opening in Allston while Allston's Mixx plans to open a new location on Boylston, and Pinkberry is headed for Logan. Fruitee Yogurt has set its sights on Cleveland Circle and iYo Cafe plans to open in Davis Square. Remember this feeling: it's how future humans will feel when they look around and realize they're surrounded by seemingly friendly robots. One can only hope that all this froyo won't learn to think for itself.

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