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H Mart Plans Central Square Invasion

Photo: An H Mart, Flickr/Michael Kappel

In the biggest Cambridge Asian food news since the opening of Moksa, an H Mart is now slated to open in the Harvest Coop and Clear Conscious Cafe space in Central Square. The national Korean grocery chain known for its food courts is planning "a multimillion-dollar renovation that will last about six months" in 18,000 square feet of space, says the Globe. The Harvest Coop plans to move across the street, while the Clear Conscious Cafe appears to be closing for good. Cambridge food nerds will surely rejoice at H Mart's arrival, but what will this mean for the future of the nearby, much smaller, also Korean Lotte Market? H Mart has locations in 13 other states; the only one in MA is in Burlington, but not for long.

· Cambridge gets an H Mart [BG]

H Mart

581 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA