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$850K Waterfront Price-Chop; The Poshest Private Pool

You've made it through another week - as a reward, here's your regular Friday dose of Curbed Cuts: all the latest neighborhood news from our sister site Curbed Boston

cc615Picture-1BEACON HILL - Just in time for summertime! This heated lap pool teeters just at the edge of the rooftop of the Benjamin Mansion on Beacon Street. There's also a private garden and views of the public one. Still not sold? The 8,450-square-foot house also has eight working fireplaces, three powder rooms, a large elevator servicing all six floors; a media room; a library; a gym; and deeded parking.The catch? The $14,950,000 price tag.

BOSTON - The Menino administration's going forward with a plan for several parklets next spring, patio-like little parks carved out of one to three existing parking spaces. They are due to pop up in the South End as well as probably in Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, Allston and Chinatown, too. The city will pay for the first parklets, estimated to cost $12,000 each, and then ask nearby businesses to pitch in.

WATERFRONT - On June 9, this 3-BR, 3-BA, 2,938-square-foot, two-unit spread on the 20th floor of Harbor Towers hit the market for $2,699,000. It then realized that spreads more than twice its size go for around that (give or take $300K and change). So, this past Monday, it chopped its tag $850,000. It thought it could get away with it by doing it so soon after its original listing. Ha! It's now asking $1,849,000.

SEAPORT - A piece of the Seaport puzzle is expected to get under way this month. Perhaps the most consequential part of the $120 million Waterside Place at Congress and D streets isn't the 236 luxury rentals (though those matter in Boston, believe us) but the supermarket that's expected to join the development later.