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Light and Refreshing. It’s Mead Only Cooler.


HoneyMaker mead from Maine Mead Works is now available throughout New England. The award-winning honey wine comes in 10 different flavors, each with its own distinctive and refreshing profile. Maine Mead Works' ingredients come from local Maine family farms and include Aroostook County wildflower honey, Glendarragh Farm’s English lavender, Snell and Maxwell’s Farms strawberries, and Heath Hill Farm’s elderberries.

These locally sourced ingredients make the Blueberry Mead sing, the Apple Cyser sparkle, and the Dry Hopped Mead subtly sweet. HoneyMaker’s vibrant flavors and unique presence are perfect complements to traditional spirits and recipes, which means you’ll always be able to find one that pairs wonderfully with any meal. To learn more about this unique mead and our devotion to both flavor and local, sustainable farming, visit