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Volle Nolle Adds Beer and Wine, Gets Props From Martha

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The North End's Volle Nolle sandwich shop is becoming more than just a sandwich shop. For starters, it now has a license for beer, wine and cordials, says Server Not Servant's Patrick Maguire, who mentioned that news on today's live chat over at Dishing. (A recent post on Chowhound says the same.) Maguire also reports that Volle Nolle is open for lunch and dinner and has "moved away from breakfast," having added cheese and charcuterie to the menu. The restaurant also recently extended its hours till 11pm, received a favorable mention in Martha Stewart Living and is holding down a solid four and half stars on Yelp, all of which suggests that Volle Nolle has transcended sandwich shop status and become a neighborhood favorite.

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[Photo: Facebook/Volle Nolle]

Volle Nolle

351 Hanover Street, Boston, MA