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Toro to Conquer New York City

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[Photo: Toro/Downtime Boston]

Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonette's wildly popular South End tapas restaurant Toro is making the leap and expanding to the cut-throat dining scene that is New York City. The New York Times reports that both Oringer and Bissonette will cook at the new outpost, which will open this fall. The Times notes that they will face some stiff competition with "at least six Spanish restaurants and wine bars in the neighborhood" already. It is certainly not a common occurrence for a Boston restaurant to expand into New York. Who knows? Maybe food writer Josh Ozersky finally succeeded in his mission to kidnap Bissonette and Oringer. If anything, the move could help bring more much-deserved recognition to the Boston restaurant scene and may usher in a new era of Toro world domination.

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1704 Washington Street, Boston, MA

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