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Think Tank Continues to be Temporarily Closed

Photo: Eater

Almost three weeks after temporarily closing, the Kendall Square "bistrotechque" Think Tank is still temporarily closed, which at this point means it's just closed. Of course it could bounce back and reopen, but it doesn't appear to be doing so any time soon. At first Think Tank was rumored to have closed by an irate former partner, but a rep told Eater that it was indeed remaining open. But then it closed. The restaurant has yet to respond to inquiries about its current status, though a May 31 Facebook post does acknowledge that something is up, saying "This is quite the drama at this point but stay tuned..." A visit to Think Tank shows that everything remains intact inside, but the exterior features the sign you see at top. In all likelihood Think Tank is not closed for repairs but for the interpersonal administrative drama alluded to on Facebook and in its last communication with Eater. Whether that kind of damage can be repaired remains to be seen.

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Think Tank

1 Kendall Square, #301, Cambridge, MA