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M3 to Fan Boston's Southern Influences Fever

Photo: Melissa Ostrow/UrbanDaddy

Many a recent and upcoming restaurant include "Southern influences" as part of their concept, and M3, taking the place of the former Alfresco, is no exception. The nearly-opened Davis Square restaurant by Local 149 founder Jason Owens is slated for a soft-opening later this week, at which point the doors will open and the smell of she-crab soup, fried catfish and oyster po' boys will no doubt begin wafting out onto Highland Ave. UrbandDaddy shares a look inside along with a peek at the menu, which has a beer section divided between "cans" and "more cans," plus a handful of draughts. For those who don't know, draughts are how beer was served for a while.

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382 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA