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Vote for the Best Pizza in Boston: Round Two

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Welcome back to your chance to decide the absolute best pizza in Boston. Voting continues through today and tomorrow with daily polls pitting five different pizzerias against one another, with the winner from each day going on to the finals round later this week. And the winner from yesterday's poll is: Pino's of Brighton!

On Friday, in the climactic conclusion to Pizza Week, we'll declare the victor. Each poll remains open for 24 hours after it's posted. If you want to make the case for or against a pizzeria, by all means, leave a comment. Today's contestants are: Santarpio's of East Boston, Figs in Beacon Hill, Posto in Davis Square, The Upper Crust (counting all locations as one), and Gran Gusto in North Cambridge.

Poll results

Posto (Somerville)

187 Elm St., Somerville, MA 02140 Visit Website

The Upper Crust

4 North Pendleton Street, , VA 20117 (540) 687-5666