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Less Liquor for Logan; Somerville Mulls Over Food Trucks

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LOGAN - Sorry, tipsy travelers, but Logan's going to be drying up a bit. Newly passed legislation is allowing 13 liquor licenses currently held by establishments beyond airport security to be made available to bars and restaurants throughout the city, though don't worry, it won't happen all at once. [Official Site]

SOMERVILLE - Now that food trucks have come to Brookline, Somerville is stroking its beard, pondering whether it, too, would like to open the floodgates to a fleet of mobile food vendors. "Sara Ross, owner of Somerville's Kickass Cupcakes, which operates a popular food truck, said if trucks aren't allowed in Davis and Union squares, 'Why bother?' [Somerville Patch via BRT]

[Photo: Facebook/Kickass Cupcakes]