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Bondir's Special Pizza Week Pizza, Draped With Lardo

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Photo: Elizabeth Ginsburg

Chef Jason Bond doesn't typically feature pizza on the menu at Bondir, but it's not for lack of experience. One of his very first jobs had him in a kitchen with a wood-fired oven, learning to handle pizza dough. Exclusively for Pizza Week, he created a pie with a thick focaccia-like crust, that is brushed with a fruity chili, shallot, and garlic-infused olive oil and grated Pecorino Extravecchio. It's sprinkled with a mix of fresh and dried herbs grown at the restaurant and is then baked in a deep iron pan. While still hot from the oven, the pizza is draped with house-cured lardo from a Guinea Hog raised in Concord, MA. Dining at Bondir is a communal experience and Jason set out to create a pizza made in this same spirit. "It is the kind of dish that you could set out in the cast iron skillet and serve at a large family gathering." The pizza is available at Bondir tonight and every night of Pizza Week, from now until May 11.

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