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Tom Brady's 200-Day Anniversary; 'Secret Gardens'

Carson Beach via the Boston Harbor Association

It's time for the weekly contribution from our sister site Curbed Boston: Curbed Cuts, all the latest neighborhood news...

HUB-WIDE—For whenever summer freakin' gets here, y'all, here are 10 spots around the Hub that are either out of the way (leap to Deer Island!) or unusual (a FedEx lot?) or little-thought-of (a sandy beach just off the Red Line). All offer mini-staycations this summer—whether for yourself alone; yourself and your pet; or yourself and a loved one who's really into waste-water treatment (told ya they were little-thought-of).

BACK BAY—Has it really been 200 days? Yes. On Sunday, the penthouse at 310 Beacon Street belonging to God's nephew Tom Brady and wife Giselle Bundchen passed 200 days on the sales market—and it was not dropped. Will it ever sell? At the $10,500,000 price? To whom? We speculate wildly.
DOWNTOWN—Crazycatlady.jpg We've been talking incessantly, it seems, about the fact that most of the much-ballyhooed new apartment-building in Boston is of the smaller kind; few of the larger apartments that might be more family-friendly. Well, some Census-crunching makes us think that maybe it's just developers (and City Hall) responding to existing trends, if not demand. In downtown Boston neighborhoods like Back Bay, Beacon Hill, the West End, the North End and the South End, around half of the households are occupied by one person, according to the Census. Same along the Southie waterfront.
SEAPORT—Pols and private developers officially broke ground yesterday on the 12,000-square-foot, $5.5 million Boston Innovation Center on Northern Avenue near the Fan Pier, a would-be hub for the ballyhooed Innovation District. It's designed and destined as a place for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to gather, and hash out hash tag-able ideas that techies in nearby micro-apartments can then spin into million-dollar ideas. The center is the first part of the 23-acre Seaport Square development to get under way.

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