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Devra First Gives First Printer One Star

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Globe restaurant critic Devra First visits First Printer and gives the Harvard Square restaurant one star. That's one star fewer than Robert Nadeau gave it in the Phoenix a few weeks back. Perhaps the restaurant's greatest shortcoming is its failure to sieze the moment: "First Printer is perfectly positioned to take advantage of nostalgia’s current cachet," says First. But although "the Southern dishes win this war," First feels compelled to add "so-called" before describing the pizza, and when it comes to sauerkraut, "One or two shreds do not a Reuben make." Pricing is "reasonable," but roast chicken is "dry in spots," its gravy "gummy." [BG]

Boston's Hidden Restaurants updates a previous review of Genki Ya in Brookline, which it finds to be "a bright and friendly little dining spot." The restaurant "scores big with both sushi and Japanese entrees that rival some of the best that the Boston area has to offer," and the music lends a calming vibe. Sushi is "beautifully-presented" and vegetarian options abound, as in the "earthy, mellow-tasting mushroom tempura roll." A dessert of green tea ice cream, tapioca pearls, red beans and coconut milk is "a simple dish.. but it is a terrific way to end any meal at this restaurant." [BHR]

As soon as Rachel Leah Blumenthal found out that The Taco Truck was coming to town, she made sure to track it down for her blog, Fork it Over, Boston! Recently returned from SXSW, Blumenthal has tacos on the mind: "Ever since trying some of Austin's best... I've been wondering where I could find a Boston taco to satisfy my new obsession." At TTT she attempts to slake her thirst with carnitas Michoacan, pollo asado tacos, Mexican Coke, and totopos. The bill is "quite reasonable, especially considering the focus on local and organic ingredients." And the tacos? She reports that "everything tasted fresh and full of flavor, and the meat was perfectly juicy." The corn tortillas also pass the test, despite her preference for flour. And how do they stack up to Austin's best? "Definitely on par... and better than any Boston tacos I've had in recent memory." [FIOB]

For The Gringo Chapin, Brian Knowles reviews the Friday-only buffet dubbed New England Seafood Market at Zephyr in the Hyatt Regency Cambridge (and notes that his meal was a comp). The rotating selection of entrees included crab stuffed Acadian red fish and grilled Alaskan king crab legs plus a raw bar and "crunchy and chewy pretzel bread" that is, perhaps intentionally, hard not to fill up on. Knowles seems most excited by the three hours of free parking the restaurant throws in. Perhaps in correlation to the cost of the meal, Knowles has nothing but praise.

[Photo: Yelp/Kim K.]

Genki Ya

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First Printer

15 Dunster Street, Cambridge, MA