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Grits and Balls and Other Dishes Inspired by Kevin Garnett

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Photo: Facebook/Kevin Garnett

As a tribute to Celtics center Kevin Garnett, who said the team is "all grit and balls," The Living Room is now serving a dish of grit(s) and (meat)balls. CBS Boston reports that the dish is composed of smoked turkey grits with cheddar and turkey meatballs with sage, clocking in at $5 as an homage Garnett, who wears No. 5. The dish will be offered from now until the end of the playoffs. But what if everything Kevin Garnett said was turned into food? Without further ado, here's a bunch of Kevin Garnett quotes and the dishes they could inspire.

"Flip is all I knew" - a hot gin flip, maybe dyed green.
"I'm from the bottom" - rump roast.
"Too much coffee and Gatorade" - the next MTN Dew AM.
"He taught me to keep the guys together" - anything with transglutaminase.
"I didn't even look at where I tossed it" - a really messy tossed salad.
"I just know I have to get going early and try to get the blood flowing a little bit" - boudin noir.
"I've never been one to hold my tongue" - tacos de lengua.
"I don't want to call it babysitting" - veal.
"I've never had beef with World" - steak and a globe artichoke.
"I think he came here with a little chip on his shoulder" - pork shoulder, garnished with a Pringle.
"It's good I got decent skin or you'd see all these bags under by eyes." - gribenes.
"You can only take the kids, so to speak, to the water" - poached baby goat.
"We have our hand on the neck of the golden goose and we're squeezing hard" - pâté de foie gras.
"Anything is possible" - fried ice cream.

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The Living Room

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