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Nookie Keeps His Lead on Bravo's ATW in 80 Plates

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Photo: Bravo

On the previous Barcelona episode of Bravo's new show Around the World in 80 Plates, Fenway Park executive chef Steve "Nookie" Postal utterly dominated. He didn't do so bad this time around in Marrakech, either. Nookie's combination of strategic thinking and lovable Masshole personality have made him a favored contestant, and there's definitely a good chance that he'll go all the way to victory, but only time will tell. Here's some Nookie highlights from last night's episode.

· Nookie proudly waving a roll of toilet paper on the airplane, from his own personal stash.
· Nookie describing Marrakech as "a zoo" full of "mopeds with babies driving."
· Nookie running around a crowded market just yelling the name of the place he needs to find.
· Nookie describing his spice palate as "(bleep) bangin'."
· Another contestant saying Nookie was trying to muscle his way in, then correcting himself to "trying to fat his way in."
· Nookie cheering like a Little League dad as his teammate pours tea and gets hit with a stick.
· Nookie doing the Cabbage Patch when his team wins $15,000.
· Even though diners say Nookie's tagine is too spicy, the local chef says he nailed the spices.
· Nookie accusingly saying "You had two and half hours, couscous takes five minutes."

Also, the show finally delivered on appearances by cobras and monkeys as promised on the trailer. Nookie had immunity on this episode due to his win last time around, but will he be able to hang onto his golden status in Florence? And what if he runs out of toilet paper?

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