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Swirl and Slice Food Market; Inconsiderate Graduates

CAMBRIDGE - If they finish college, you'd think they could remember to cancel a dinner reservation. The Globe reports that this graduation season brought lots of last-minute cancellations, or worse, complete no-shows, leaving many chefs, including William Kovel and Jason Bond, frustrated to say the least. [BG]

SOMERVILLE - The Swirl and Slice Specialty Food Market opens June 14 in Union Square. The evening market will sell wine and cheese and other ready-to-eat items. [Official Site]

HARVARD SQUARE - If you can't get enough of the Boston bar scene, then perhaps you'd like to witness it performed on stage. The Oberon presents "Bye, Bye, Liver," a play that "takes a satirical look at the pratfalls and pitfalls of the drinking culture." [Beantown Bloggery]
[Photo: Facebook/Catalyst]