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New Restaurants Bound for Melnea Cass in Roxbury

Photo: Tropical Foods/Jonas Prang

New restaurants are bound for a stretch of Melnea Cass Boulevard in Roxbury as part of a planned $63 million complex, says the Globe. Changes are also in store for one of Boston's only supermarkets that sells machetes: a "new, much larger supermarket" will be replacing Tropical Foods in Dudley Square once the complex is complete. Construction is slated to start in fall of 2013. The beloved neighborhood supermarket, known for its astoundingly diverse offerings, is involved in creating the new store. More restaurants have been proposed as part of another nearby site across from the Boston Police Headquarters, which might also have a new museum featuring works by African-American artists.

The mayor describes the plans as a response to the "chemistry going on in Dudley," and one of the developers anticipates accusations of gentrification by saying "We’re not trying to bring the South End to Roxbury." Another developer adds that the new restaurants and bigger supermarket will "improve access to healthy foods."

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Tropical Foods

2101 Washington St, Roxbury, MA