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Is Woodward Being Replaced?

The Ames Hotel is looking for a new restaurant concept, says Banker & Tradesman. But the Ames already has a restaurant concept: Woodward. That either means that Woodward's owners want to replace it or want to add on another restaurant, one that will help the Ames' owners "sell the historic property to interested investors." In response to the rumors, a representative from the restaurant tells Eater that "AMES periodically explores ways to enhance their Food and beverage experiences at their properties, but at this time Woodward continues to be open for dinner and events!"

· New restaurant aims to sweeten potential Ames hotel deal [B&T via BRT]
[Photo: Facebook/Woodward at Ames]


1 Court Street, Boston, MA 02108 617 979 8200


1 Court Street, Boston, MA 02108

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