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Why Does Think Tank Say It's 'NOT' Closing?

Photo: Yelp/Vivian C.

"Think Tank is NOT closing!" declares the self-proclaimed Kendall Square "bistroteque" via Facebook. But why would a restaurant need to remind its Facebook fans that it isn't closing? Because a letter claiming to have been written by the restaurant's manager has been circulating saying that Think Tank is indeed closing amidst controversy. The letter shares the "unfortunate news" of the closure with "deep regret" and says it is due to "a hostile takeover that occurred... causing irreparable harm." It adds that the managing company is not responsible for any wages past the date of said takeover, which was last Thursday.

The Facebook post is more recent, so these are clearly two disparate narratives. Either the letter speaks the truth and the management doesn't want people to know, or the author of the letter is not telling the truth. If it's the former, why the hush, if it's the latter, why the smear campaign? Think Tank was not available for comment at the time of this post: stay tuned.

Update: the notes from a recent City of Cambridge License Commission hearing show that Think Tank has applied for a change of manager.

· Think Tank Cambridge [Facebook]
· City of Cambridge [Official Site]

Think Tank

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