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Think Tank Remains Open Despite Nasty Rumors

Photo: Yelp/Vivian C.

Earlier today a letter was circulated claiming that Kendall Square "bistroteque" Think Tank was closing due to "a hostile takeover." Not so, says managing partner Patrick Lynch. Eater spoke with Lynch, who validated one of two previous theories, that the letter was spreading false information. Lynch says the author of the letter is a disgruntled former partner who was let go of after not being able to account for the regular loss of "significant amounts of money." After being voted out, the former partner started spreading rumors via various social media sites that Think Tank had closed, in addition to filing police reports against his former coworkers. Lynch says that despite some shuffling of responsibilities now that the company is one partner fewer, business is going as usual and Think Tank is definitely open.

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Think Tank

1 Kendall Square, #301, Cambridge, MA