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Bina Osteria Shutters, Will Mutate Into Sip Wine Bar

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Photo: Facebook/Bina Osteria

Call Bina Osteria and you'll get a voicemail greeting saying you've reached "the former location of Bina Osteria." The same message says that the restaurant will now become Sip, "a wine bar and kitchen" slated to open as early as the middle of June in the same location. That restaurant's nascent website says that wine will be a primary focus, served by the half glass, full glass and bottle, and that if patrons "commit to two glasses.. we will open any bottle for you." Food will include small plates ranging from sushi and grilled oysters to steak skewers. Sip appears to come from the Legendary Restaurant Group, which also runs Andiamo, Max & Dylans and Papagayo. It seems that Sip will also be affiliated with a prepared foods concept called Avery Provision Co. Ciao, Bina Osteria. Hi, Sip.


581 Washington Street, Boston, MA

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