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Monsters of Food TV Swarm Upon Boston

Three giants of food TV are all converging upon Boston within the same general timeframe: Top Chef, Gordon Ramsay, and Guy Fieri. And here you thought Supermoon was an impressive juxtaposition of celestial entities. Here's the breakdown.

The You Gotta Try Boston campaign designed to lure Top Chef here convinced the show that it did have to try Boston, for a few hours. Previous Top Chef contestant Hosea Rosenberg will face off against previous Top Chef contestant and local barbecue hero Tiffani Faison of Sweet Cheeks as part of a (free) exhibition in front of Quincy Market on Tuesday, May 22 at 10:30 AM, 12:00 PM & 1:30 PM.

Meanwhile, Gordon Ramsay has breached Hull, where he'll put local restaurant Barefoot Bob's in the yelly crosshairs for his show Kitchen Nightmares. Okay, so that's not directly in Boston, but where do you think he flew into? (Answer: probably Boston, maybe New York.) Also, his next stop is La Galleria 33 in the North End.

And Guy Fieri sightings just continue to pop up. He was at Cutty's in Brookline, he may also be visiting Angela's Cafe in East Boston, and now there's word that he was seen filming Diners, Drive-ins and Dives at Yankee Lobster in the Seaport and at America's Test Kitchen. Kind of hard to miss that dude, given the fact that his hair functions like the black tip of a lion's tale, warning otherwise unsuspecting prey of imminent attack. Also, everything else about him.

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Sweet Cheeks

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Angela's Cafe

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