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Cambridge Brewing Co. Is The Best Brewpub in America

Photo: Flickr/Cambridge Brewing Co.

The entire country has finally caught on to something Cantabrigians have known for years: congrats to the Cambridge Brewing Company, aka CBC, which has been declared "Best Brewpub in America" by CHOW. The winner was decided in a month-long poll featuring sixteen similar - but clearly vastly inferior - establishments around the U.S. In the end, CBC faced off against North by Northwest in Austin, Texas, which of course it squashed like a bug. Pity the brewpub that goes up against CBC.

What other brewery makes its own sake just to blend with beer, harnesses wild, urban yeast for sour ales, grows hops on its patio, hosts an annual barleywine festival and regularly features odd brews like the Weekapaug Gruit, a "modern take on medieval, unhopped, herbal beer." Plus the food, especially the fish n' chips, is solid. Surely news of CBC's big win had something to do with Slate's declaration yesterday that Mass is the best state in the union.

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Cambridge Brewing Company

1 Kendall Square, , MA 02139 (617) 494-1994 Visit Website

Cambridge Brewing Co.

1 Kendall Sq, Building 100, Cambridge, MA