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NYC's Magnolia Bakery Wants to Open in Boston

The NYC-based smash hit that is Magnolia Bakery wants to come to Boston. Two years back, Boston Restaurant Talk reported that the company was thinking of making the move, and a representative tells Eater that they are still indeed "hoping to open a bakery in Boston one day," but that's all they can say for now. Magnolia has eight locations, mostly in New York but also in L.A, Chicago and Dubai. The store traffics heavily in cupcakes but also does non-cup cakes, cookies, pies, muffins and so forth. Magnolia isn't the only NYC restaurant to voice interest in trekking north. In fact, there are four distinct tiers of New York restaurants interested in Boston:

1. Imminent -Shake Shack, which intends to open in Chestnut Hill next year.
2. Good Intentions - Magnolia.
3. Looking Out The Window With Chin Propped Up By One Hand, Sighing - Fatty Crab and Xi'an Famous Foods, both of which have expressed interest but have no firm plans.
4. Not Even A Rumor, But Sure Would Be Cool - Momofuku.

· Magnolia Bakery maybe coming to Boston [BRT]
[Photo: Official Site]

Shake Shack (Chestnut Hill)

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