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Guy Fieri Graces Cutty's in Brookline

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Best-selling author, game show host, oh, and Food Network personality Guy Fieri is in town, says BostonTweet, who reports that Fieri "is filming at Cutty's in Brookline today." That means Cutty's could make it onto either of the shows Guy's Big Bite or Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, providing Cutty's doesn't fall to the cutting room floor. In related knews, Fieri recently signed on to drive an Indy 500 pace car. Have you personally seen some blond, spiky hair around Boston? By all means, share your encounter via comment.

· BostonTweet [Twitter via BRT]
· Guy Fieri's ultimate dude role, Indy 500 pace car driver [Eater National]
[Photo: Facebook/Guy Fieri]


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