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Cafe Strega, Locale Look to Open in North End

Two new restaurants are attempting to open in the North End, but the neighborhood resident's association is opposed to one of them, says The association showed support for a new restaurant called Locale by Jennifer Pittore, who formerly ran Sage and a pizza shop on Prince St., but it was less enthusiastic about Strega Cafe by Nick Varano of the Varano Group, which owns restaurants including Strega and Strega Waterfront.

Locale would have 18 seats and would serve "gourmet pizzas and hot and cold appetizers," Cafe Strega would have 10 seats and serve "pizza, hot and cold appetizers and café foods and beverages." Quality of life concerns were cited as the reason for opposition to Cafe Strega, but "nearly all of the audience comments were favorable" regarding the Pittore family, and so the organization is lending its support. Recap: Cafe Strega isn't happening anytime soon, but Locale might be.

· NEWRA opposes two of three Hanover Street restaurant requests [ via BRT]

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