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J.P. Licks Dominion Expands to Beacon Hill

After closing on Newbury Street, local ice cream chain J.P. Licks has opened anew in Beacon Hill at 150 Charles Street. An employee tells Eater that the menu is the same as at existing locations, including ice cream, frozen yogurt, frappes, smoothies and "moolattas" plus sundaes, cakes and pies. There's also the new non-dairy options including hemp milk ice cream, about which plenty of weed jokes have already been made, so don't worry. Owner Vince Petryk described the Newbury location as "perhaps our most unique and wonderful looking store of any since," and unfortunately this is not a reopening in a different location with the same design elements, like the crazy counter and giant cow mural, but rather an entirely new store. Perhaps the fun stuff will reappear at the upcoming Back Bay location.

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[Photo: Twitter]

J.P. Licks

150 Charles Street, Boston, MA

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