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Chez Henri's Pizza Week Special, the Medianoche Pizza

Photo: Elizabeth Ginsburg

Being that Chez Henri serves a mix of French and Cuban cuisine, it should come as no surprise that pizza is nowhere to be found on the menu. Specially for Pizza Week though, chef Paul O'Connell made a pizza loosely inspired by one of the most popular items from his bar menu: the pressed Cuban sandwich. The medianoche pizza is built on a base of standard pizza dough mixed with masa harina, the foundation for tamales. He then adds a thin layer of tomato sauce with sofrito, a mixture of slowly cooked onion, peppers, tomatoes. Toppings include ham, chopped cornichon, and a blend of grated Manchego and Asiago cheeses. The pizza is served with a side of fried plantain strips and salsa. Paul named the pizza after the medianoche sandwich, quite similar to a Cuban sandwich, and famous for being served in Havana night clubs at or after midnight. So if you get a late night pizza craving later, head to Chez Henri, because this pie is available only tonight, (617) 354-8980.

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Chez Henri

1 Shepard Street, Cambridge, MA