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MC Slim JB on Where You Don't Want to See a Mop Go

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Wecome to Bad Pizza Power Hour, one full hour of crusty, cheesy horror stories. Up first is restaurant critic MC Slim JB:

2bdphPicture-2.jpgI love Jamie Bissonnette's pizza favorites list, and can unabashedly sing the praises of Coppa's amazing pizzas, though I would also add his nearby South End competitor Picco. But we part ways on Little Stevie's, which I too have relied on for a late-night slice, especially when I lived nearby and was three sheets to the wind. It was also great fun to be there when Red Sox games let out, and bet my friends on how many drunken fans would trip on the concrete riser out front in the course of five minutes: 10 stumbles was a good over/under. The day the music died for me was when I heard a friend's eyewitness account of a staffer mopping the floor, then proceeding directly to mopping the grill and pizza oven. I haven't been drunk enough to get a Little Stevie's slice since.

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Little Steve's Pizzeria

1114 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02215 617 266 5566


917 Glacier Avenue, , AK 99801 (907) 586-3500 Visit Website


513 Tremont Street, , MA 02116 (617) 927-0066 Visit Website