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Foreign Correspondent Louis DiBiccari on Cancun Pizza

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Photo: Louis DiBiccari

Bad Pizza Power Hour concludes with this dispatch from foreign bad pizza correspondent Louis DiBiccari, chef at Storyville and host of the dining series Chef Louie Night:

My assignment was to report on bad pizza. To say there is bad pizza in Boston would be an understatement. There is tons of it. Way more bad than there is good, but there is also great pizza in Boston but [Jamie] ]Biss already covered that. There is also all kinds of bad food in France, Italy, Spain, name it. There's crap everywhere. For my assignment I went where only Wild On E! would go for a story like this. I'm in Cancun and I passed a Señor Frog's, McDonald's and a Domino's when I stumbled upon this place. Cancun is very much like Faneuil Hall, which is to say, it's a horrible tourist trap. Unless you want to take a few off roads. I had some sick street food and fell in love with a burrito. The kind of burrito that makes you want to walk into Anna's and start beating the shit out of people just for alluding to serving Mexican grub. Anyway, this pizza sucked, but if I wanted to spend another couple of pesos I could have scored weed, blow and a chica to go with it. How's that for toppings?

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