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Tonic Prepares for JP Opening

Photo: Facebook/Tonic Boston

A new restaurant and bar called Tonic is planning to open by the Forest Hills T stop in JP. While the upcoming venue has yet to share an opening date, by the looks of its many photos on Facebook, Tonic is pretty darn close. Tonic says it will serve "traditional American" and French cuisine by chef Ryan P. Kelly with Damian M. Brockway serving as sous chef, though according to Thrillist, dishes like pork belly tempura that fall into neither camp will also be on the menu. Not that anyone would mind if pork belly tempura fell into their camp. Thrillist also says the space has 11 tables and an 18-seat marble bar pouring cocktails, craft beers and upwards of 30 wines. Not to be confused with the former Tonic on Comm Ave in Brighton, which is once again the Joshua Tree after a brief stint as Barley Hall.

· Tonic [Thrillist]


3698 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, MA