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A 'Most Recognizable Restaurant' Heads to Liberty Wharf

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According to a Craigslist post and some sleuthing by Boston Restaurant Talk, the Beacon Hill restaurant 75 Chestnut may be looking to open a new location at Liberty Wharf. The smoking gun? Multiple job posts for various positions state that "one of the most recognizable bars/restaurants in Boston is opening a new restaurant" and that applicants should bring resumes to 75 Chestnut Street, which of course is where you can find the restaurant 75 Chestnut. Perhaps they should have said "one of the most recognizable restaurants based solely on its address." But is 75 Chestnut really one of the most recognizable restaurants in Boston? Few would agree.

So here's an alternate theory: the new venue is going to be a Cheers, which certainly is one of the most recognizable restaurants in Boston, at least to the world at large. And 75 Chestnut just happens to be owned by Thomas A. Kershaw, who also owns Cheers in Beacon Hill and Faneuil Hall. The plot thickens.

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