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Robert Nadeau Gives Vito's Tavern Two Stars

Photo: Facebook/Vito's North End

Boston Phoenix restaurant critic Robert Nadeau gives two stars to Vito's Tavern in the North End. "This column often deals with good ideas gone wrong," says Nadeau. Instead, Vito's is "a cascade of bad ideas gone largely right." Despite preconceptions, he is "charmed.. by what I usually despise: the sports-bar part." A cheeseburger is "above-average" and the ahi tuna burger is even better. "Fusion-confusion" dishes like Korean tacos are mild and incongruous yet satisfying. [BP]

For the Globe's Cheap Eats column, Ike DeLorenzo urges patrons to order off of the "magic chalkboard" full of Northern Thailand specials at Thai North in Brighton. Order from the regular menu and you'll largely experience "competent, but unremarkable" dishes. The sixteen specials, translated by a gracious Canadian customer, include Chiang Mai noodle curry, "a large bowl of golden, aromatic broth brimming with egg noodles" which is flavored with "long-simmering lemongrass, tamarind, shallots, kaffir lime leaves, and a bit of coconut milk." The Northern style CH curry exemplifies "the clean, complex taste characteristic" of the region's dishes. Fortunately, the only dessert - mango and sweet sticky rice - is good. [BG]

The Globe's Devra First gives JM Curley two and half stars and declares the Downtown Crossing restaurant "serious about fun." Nostalgic touches like bubble hockey, cereal box decor and cookies for dessert make this "a playroom for adults" yet the dinner menu is "succinct." Fried pickles are "perfect" and house-cured salmon sliders are "tea sandwiches on steroids." The restaurant's cool comes across as effortless, making it "what every restaurant on the block wants to be." [BG]

The Passionate Foodie gives a thorough breakdown of Moksa in Central Square. He corrects the press for misguided translations (put forth by the restaurant) of the names of both Moksa and Naga, its club, and praises Noon Inthasuwan's beverage program. "If you enjoy wine, beer, sake or cocktails, then you are going to find plenty to like here." The menu is "diverse and intriguing" and the dishes are overall proclaimed "delicious." [TPF]

BakingMeHungry goes to Chinatown's Hong Kong Eatery, "well known for their whole roasted pork, soy sauce chickens and salted chickens." The menu is "extensive," dumplings are "super tender" and pork and shrimp wonton soup is "some of the best soup out there." Also "super tender" is the pork chop with spicy salt. [BMH]

jm Curley

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Hong Kong Eatery

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Thai North Restaurant

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