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Banryu Ichi Unites Sake and Beer; A Historical Menu

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Photo: Flickr/Cambridge Brewing Co.

CAMBRIDGE - The Cambridge Brewing Co. in Kendall Square has announced a new experimental beer/sake hybrid called Banryu Ichi. To make it, they also made sake. "We began in January by spending many cold, windy days in the alley behind the brewery, steaming rice in small batches to brew what became 100 gallons of pure sake." Now available, served in a traditional cedar cup. [Official Site]

BAY VILLAGE - Mike & Patty's will be closed "until at least April 10" as the restaurant reinvents itself for spring. Expect a more simplified menu and different hours. [Twitter]

FENWAY - Church commemorates the start of baseball season with a series of special weekend menus that honor historical Fenway milestones. For instance, from now till Sunday dishes from the era of the park's opening include cream of asparagus soup with pickled mushrooms and crème fraîche and spring berry trifle with sponge cake and honey crème. Call for reservations: 617.236.7600. [BostonChefs]


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