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Another Controversy Hits The Upper Crust

The Upper Crust has drawn fire before for allegedly using low-paid, illegal immigrant labor, and now there's a new scandal for the local pizza chain: the company's founder has been placed on leave due to personal use of company funds. The Globe reports that founder Jordan Tobins has been under a restraining order obtained by former employees suing over labor law violations, and that the order came from evidence that Tobins "is evading legal obligations while attempting to convey assets, including a yacht worth about $700,000."

The company also owes almost $150,000 in unpaid meals taxes from its various locations, and though The Upper Crust is under federal investigation, it remains optimistic about the future. According to its lawyer, "the company has a terrific business" and no one on the new financial team "is taking vacations, no one is on their yacht, no one is playing golf." Time will tell whether the public will turn their back on The Upper Crust, look beyond its checkered past, or not care and just want to eat pizza.

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The Upper Crust

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