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Todd English's Olives Reopens

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Two years after Todd English's Charlestown restaurant Olives closed due a grease fire, it appears to have finally reopened. Though the restaurant's voicemail recording says it's closed for renovations - which is an update from a previous message saying it would open "any day now" - the Herald's We Hear column says "Olives in Charlestown finally reopened over the weekend" and a headline from the Charlestown Patch proclaims "Olives is Open." The Patch reports "No one at the restaurant will answer the phone, but the paper is down and we have reports of people inside." Due to the still somewhat sketchy details, it appears the restaurant is in a soft-reopening phase for the time being. Stay tuned for the official word and to see how this effects things over at English's Kingfish Hall.

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10 City Square, Charlestown, MA