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Additional Details for Union's The Bearded Pig

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Yesterday The Bearded Pig announced plans to open in Union Square this summer, and since then additional details have emerged about the upcoming barbecue eatery. The Bearded Pig owner Michael Schmidt tells Eater that he's no stranger to his part of town and has already been operating out of Union Square's Kitchen Inc. for his existing catering gigs, and his choice to stay in the neighborhood certainly doesn't hurt Union's burgeoning reputation as a big deal food scene.

The new brick-and-mortar will be at 445 Somerville Ave and will provide traditional, Southern-style barbecue counter service with some modern twists. Schmidt says the setup could be described as fast-casual, without table service, and not unlike Four Burgers, with 30 to 40 seats. He's hoping to serve beer and wine, if not at first then later on. The menu will be similar to but more limited than his catering offerings, with pulled pork, pulled chicken, ribs, and, as a preliminary trial, brisket. If you like it, he'll keep it on. There will be two consistent hot and cold sides with other rotating, seasonal options to boot. For dessert, two classics: chocolate chip cookies and banana pudding. More details to come.

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[Photo: Facebook/The Bearded Pig]