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Villa Mexico Still Fighting to Relocate

Beloved by its Beacon Hill patrons and hindered by one of its neighbors, the tiny Villa Mexico continues an uphill battle to relocate from its current gas station residence to a space fewer than 100 feet away. In a recent blog post, owner Julie King shares her feelings about meeting with the lawyer for a property owner who opposes her move. It didn't go well.

"My only option now is to go to our last hearing, speak with my open heart, try to fill up that room with all of my wonderful supporters, and hope that together we can convince the ZBA members to give us a 'yes.'"
King feels that she has encountered difficulties not simply because of the typical red tape but because she is an outsider in the community despite her lengthy tenure and positive record: "My greatest mistake in these 13-plus years of having the business, six of them in Beacon Hill, has been not becoming rich." As she previously told Eater, King says that this is her only chance to relocate, and invites supporters to attend her final zoning board hearing on May 8th.

ZBA Hearing
Tuesday, May 8th 2012
Floor 8th - 11a.m.
City Hall, Boston.

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[Photo: Official Site]