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Franklin Restaurant Group Owner Calls Blogger 'Asshole'

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The owner of Franklin Restaurant Group, home to Franklin Cafe, Citizen Public House, and Tasty Burger—does not take kindly to a little criticism. Yesterday, Boston Burger Blog ran a review of Citizen Pub in which he lauds their burger as "beefy and delicious" but finds "the service to be lackluster and the food and cocktails uninspired and painfully ordinary." Franklin Restaurant Group chef and owner David DuBois, apparently responded today by penning the following email:

I am positive you have heard this before, but on the off chance no one has told you in a while:

You are a self righteous pompous asshole that thinks he knows what he is talking about when it comes to food. I truly hope to meet you in person one day, "Chef."

Who knows what he writes to Yelpers who write straight up negative reviews.

For his part, the blogger calls DuBois a "cowardly, piece of shit of owner." This may not end well.
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Citizen Public House

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