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Dwelltime Coffeebar Opens This Weekend

Photo: Official Site

"Dwelltime is DONE" announces Cambridge's next big coffeeshop via Twitter. The shop had originally hoped for a February opening but now says that "doors will be open next weekend." Dwelltime is the latest in the new wave of connoisseur coffeeshops such as those mentioned in yesterday's Boston Globe Magazine article, which declared that "High-end purveyors of serious coffee--single-origin, specially brewed cups worth a trip across town--have arrived in Boston." For equipment, dwelltime features a prototype of the Luminaire Bravo-1 water delivery system, a La MarzoccoStrada EP and the Hario Woodneck and Yama coffee siphon for specialty pour-overs. The shop was previously home to an industry latte art competition. An article in Cambridge Day says that dwelltime is "heading into a soft opening," so it may be possible to score a preview sip before the official opening this weekend.

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364 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02143


364 Broadway, Cambridge, MA