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Bon Me Adds Truck, Plans to Open a Restaurant

Bon Me added a second food truck earlier this week and hopes to go brick-and-mortar, reports BU's The Daily Free Press. The paper cites co-owner Patrick Lynch as saying he plans on expanding and turning Bon Me "into a restaurant sometime in the future." Lynch says the company has been actively looking at spaces and that they "haven’t finalized anything yet" but are confident that they "are working on a restaurant.”

There are many interesting facets of the food truck craze, most of which are obvious, involving the fact that you can get food from a truck, but perhaps the most interesting is that food trucks fill a previously missing link between a good idea for a restaurant and an actual restaurant. Instead of marrying their young idea, not knowing what they were getting into and then getting divorced, chefs can try living with the concept first. Food trucks enable brick-and-mortar restaurants to expand and go mobile, as Paris Creperie is doing with its Eiffel Tourer, and simultaneously enable non-existing restaurants to give it a go. Picture a venn diagram. The circle on the left contains existing restaurants, the circle on the right represents visions of nonexistent eateries barely a twinkle in a chef's eye. The space between? Ask Bon Me.

· Bon Me opens second truck with prospects of restaurant [TDFP via BRT]

[Photo: Facebook/Bon Me Foods]

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