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NYC's Fatty Crab May One Day Come to Boston

Earlier Chowder shared a rumor that the Fatty Crab was looking to make the move from NYC to Boston. Wouldn't that be nice? It's not going to happen anytime soon, but it very well might one day. There are two Fatty Crab locations in Manhattan and one in the Virgin Islands, but a representative tells Eater that the company "has no imminent plans to come to Boston," adding "although I do see it as a logical place for us to be at some point." Not a bad slogan for the tourism board - "Boston: a logical place to be at some point."

The response is similar to that of Xi'an Famous Foods, another NYC restaurant that inspires rabid fandom, was rumored to be coming to Boston, would like to, but has no immediate plans. The message is clear, New York chefs: you want to come to Boston, you're just intimidated by the scene.

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[Photo: Eater NY]