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Todd English's Kingfish Hall May Have Finally Closed

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Photo: Facebook/Todd English's Kingfish Hall

Kingfish Hall has refused to admit defeat, blaming reduced hours and limited menu items on a slow season and renovations, plus a tipster added that at one point a sign declared them closed due to a fire. And then there was that anonymous source who basically said that everything there was chaos, with paychecks bouncing, vendors refusing to supply ingredients and threats of lawsuits. Rumors, largely, and yet it's hard to believe that something isn't seriously wrong at Todd English's Faneuil Hall restaurant. Here's the latest rumor: now it's finally closed. That word comes from a post on Chowhound, and multiple calls to the restaurant have yielded nothing more than a busy signal. Prior speculation suggested that Kingfish would close to make way for the reopened Olives: stay tuned to see if that is indeed how Mr. English is playing his cards.

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Kingfish Hall

188 South Market Blvd, Boston, MA