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Ming Tsai Can Barely Keep His Maitake Coffee in Stock

Blue Ginger chef-owner and squash player Ming Tsai appeared today on FOX25's Morning News to talk about his miraculous mushroom coffee. Tsai pours a custom blend of coffee cut with maitake mushrooms at his restaurant and reports that he can barely keep it on the shelves. Playing the choral character in this drama, host Shannon Mulaire (who used to wait tables for Tsai) says "When you told me mushroom coffee, I was a little worried about mushroom flavored coffee." After tasting some, she proclaims it to be somewhat sweet.

Tsai gets his mushrooms from a hydroponic grower in Tokyo and blends them with Rao's coffee. He claims that the mushrooms take away the bitter flavor of the coffee, ward against sour stomach, and therefore enable you to drink even more coffee. He's also optimistic about the power of maitake mushrooms to aid cancer recovery. "It is amazing for your body," says Tsai, who also whips out some maitake pills - "black beauties" - that he takes every day.

Chef Ming Tsai, Blue Ginger :

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