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The Undead Arrow Street Crepes Lives on Inside Canteen

Photo: Yelp/Stefano J. A.

Last night a tipster caught a glimpse of a familiar neon sign through the window of the #1 bus on Mass Ave between Harvard and Central. "After closer inspection it was undeniably 'ARROW STREET CREPES,'" says the tipster. "That's odd.." they probably thought. After all, Arrow Street Crepes has been closed for months and has since become Zinneken's. True, yet Eater has confirmed that Arrow Street Crepes now lives on at Canteen. With no hype about pop-ups or restaurants-within-restaurants, the existing venue simply resurrected and absorbed the previous one. "We combined the crepe concept with the sandwich concept," says a Canteen employee. If only every shuttered restaurant could magically reappear inside of another restaurant, like getting to see someone you thought was dead one last time, and then getting to eat them with Nutella.

· La Creperie in Cambridge's Harvard Square has closed [BRT]


983 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA