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Cocktail History; A Farm for Somerville

Photo: Strega Waterfront/DDI

HUB-WIDE- takes a stroll through the annals of cocktail history to provide some backstory on Boston Rum Punch. "As one local bartender with a reputation for serving it explained to a Boston Globe reporter in 1889, 'it is not always the elaborateness of the drink that makes it acceptable to the taste.'" []

SOMERVILLE - In urban agriculture news, over the weekend Groundwork Somerville planted modern Somerville's first farm. "We’re not just talking about community gardens here, but other food production options that lend themselves to the urban environment,’’ said the mayor. [BG]

WATERFRONT - Restaurants including Strega Waterfront are participating in the 13th annual Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer event, in which 100% of the proceeds from one dessert at each restaurant go to the cause. Strega Waterfront will serve chocolate ganache with in-house gelato and raspberry coulis; at Haru it's mochi ice cream. [Official Site]


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